Tortillaville tacos and burritos 347 Warren Street, Hudson, NY 12534  PHONE 518-291-6048

June 2011

By Larissa Phillips. It used to be that leaving the city meant a major loss in food options. Okay, this is still the case. There is just no comparing the incredible bounty of food options in New York City, one of the major food capitals of the world. But two and a half hours up the river isn’t too bad either. When I get a craving for something other than tomato sandwiches, we head into Hudson. This once-depressed city has been thriving recently thanks to an influx of antique shops and art galleries and restaurants and now… a taco truck. Okay, as far as I can tell it’s not run by anyone with roots from south of the border, but it does offer the most satisfying tacos I’ve had since that last time I was in Mexico… or Sunset Park. My kids love the Mexican Coca-Colas, and although I had to lure them there with the hot dog option, they’ve been tempted by tastes of the tacos and now, after years in New York City, nearly three hours from away from Sunset Park, are finally discovering the joys of real tacos. Well, one of them anyway…

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