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Tortillaville came about in the year 2009. The Great Recession of 2008 was an integral factor in the motivation process. Shear coincidence sealed the deal. The modern day gourmet-type food truck had only just hit the scene in places like NYC and LA. We were to be the first modern day food truck of Hudson, NY.

We worked five seasons, May through October, and produced 40K burritos and 25K tacos during our 600+ day career. It was at the end of year-five that we sold our food truck and location. We still own the Tortillaville name, brand, domain and recipes, but we are taking a much needed break.

It is not impossible to reason that we may reappear as a brick and mortar / cafe business somewhere down the road. In the meantime, we are shopping our book, Food Truck 411, around, and offering consulting services: How To Run A Food Truck Without Ruining Your Life, could be the title. Food truck life is a rugged way, but it can be happy too - if you do it right.

For now, our current location is in cyberspace. We are very proud what we were able to accomplish; to make a decent living, pay for the business several times over, write a book, create screen door art (see above), and then, sell the food truck. I only hope that our next career move is as successful.

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Other Tidbits

  • Our book: Food Truck 411: The Essential Information to Run a Successful Food Truck,
    is the first comprehensive food truck book, written by a food truck cook.
  • Brian is a boat captain, and offers guide trips in the Florida Keys in the Winter and on the Hudson in the Summer.
  • Brian's background is film. He was a union grip and camera crane operator from 1980 to 1998.
  • Brian is also a videographer, editor and photographer and pursues wedding photography when he has time,
  • Allison's background is graphic design, She specializes in websites, logos and branding.
    She also designed our book, and this website too.
  • Allison is a jewelry designer too. Her work is available at
  • Brian and Allison are a couple, originally from New York City, living in the Hudson Valley for the past ten years.
  • Our two black labs are named Schooner and Dory

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