Tortillaville tacos and burritos 347 Warren Street, Hudson, NY 12534  PHONE 518-291-6048

Buy The Tortillaville Business Name and Brand:

You can buy the business, the Tortillaville name, brand, and domain outright, or you can choose to copy our very successful business model. You can do this in the city, town, village, or island of your choice. It took us a good many years to get a successful system down. We were popular from the start, but it took years to refine. We have done all of the work. We are now offering it to you for just $25K. We are certain that you will save this amount or more if you were to, instead, do it on your own. We will also save you precious time.

We realize that this could be a Plan B for you, and that money is of great concern. That's why we feel that you should take advantage of this great opportunity - where we mentor you, help you set-up, get permits, find a food truck or cafe, create a name and brand of your own, get a website and fb page, make industry contacts, learn our recipes - everything from; purchase, store, prep, cook, serve, and clean-up, so that you can start making money right away.

You can do it as partners, a mom and pop, or add employees. Our book, Food truck 411, goes over all of these scenarios. When you purchase our services, you also get a book. This business can be year-round or seasonal, full time or weekends. Even if you invest $35K to $50K (including our fee),which is what you should expect to invest with or without us, you are certain to recoup your money in the first season.

We tell you what to do, how to do it, and what not to do. Even after five years, there are definite changes we would make, so to balance work and life. Success is a good thing, But, success and happy is even better. You will not find a better deal to get-up-and-going in the food truck or cafe business. We are here when you are ready for us. If you are interested to take it one step further, and purchase the whole enchilada - the Tortillaville name and brand (website, franchise rights, etc) for 25K—Call Brian: 518-291-6048.

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