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Staff Picks:

The following Staff Picks list might help you decide what you'd like, or confuse you just a little more.

Even if you don't see yourself as a bean taco type, it's pretty amazing and well worth a try. Add some jalepeños and a little tofu for the ultimate bean taco. And, don't forget the lime juice and hot sauce!

The fish taco is a very special treat that has never failed to please. We like to add guacamole, lime and Cholula.

The pork taco with pickled onions is really delicious. We like to add pickled jalapeños.

Note: the shrimp, veggie, tofu, chicken and beef tacos are all very good. It's so hard to pick just one.

The lime juice and the hot sauce combination is recommended to any taco. By the way, tacos are best eaten hot at the truck, the traditional way.

The small plate known as the pork poco plate is a delectable orgy of infused flavors. Piled atop one another; rice, black beans, shredded pork, some veggies, pickled jalepeños, pickled onions, salsa fresca, and queso freco is a definite staff favorite.

If you like beef or chicken, these poco plates are just as yummy

It so subjective. But, we like the fish and shrimp combo burrito very much. We always add veggies, jalepeños, black beans and a little guac too.

We also love the chicken burrito with black beans, and then cut both of these burritos in half and share

The pork burrito with black beans and veggies rounds off our top three

PS: We generally use Cholula hot sauce, some salsa fresca and a litttle sour cream with every bite.

Honestly, whatever sounds good to you promises to be delicious - guaranteed!

Burritos and quesadillas travel, keep and reheat best; bake at 350F for 10 min (if room temp) and 20 min. (if previously refrigerated.) If it's one of our frozen burritos, you can defrost overnight and then bake for 25 min. the next day. Or, you can microvave it straight out of the freezer by pressing reheat for two cycles.

A big northeast favorite is to order a dozen frozen burritos of their choice when we close for the season.

The shrimp, chicken and cheese quesadillas are all a hit and the top three picks / orders that we get. Most are impressed with the size and love the taste, proven by their return visit and re-order. But, the pork and beef quesadillas have a richness that is sure to satisfy, so this too, is left to the individual's particlar taste. And, not to exclude vegetable and tofu, or a combo of the two as a quesadilla. It's all yummy!

Customer Picks
(mostly burritos)

As for our regular customers: Their favorite is as follows; They are loyal to one burrito and one burrito only. This is all they ever get. They never stray.

The Johnny 2X's aka / the Courier / the Historian: fish and shrimp combo burrito with black beans and jalapeños, and a side each of pico de gallo and salsa fresca

The Ron: spicy beef burrito with extra meat, jalepeños and some hot sauce (we love Ron's complimentary phone call an hour later - every time)

The Jen: chicken burrito sin sour cream

The Jackie: bean burrito with a touch of beef, no sour cream, salsa or green chiles

The Rosie: pork burrito with guacamole

The Tina: bean burrito, jalapeños, guacamole and extra cilantro

The Nick: chicken burrito with extra cheese and guacamole

The Hostess: chicken, cheese and rice burrito, no beans, salsa or chiles

The Girls: black beans, cheese and rice burrito, no salsa or chiles

The Critic At Large: vegan tofu / veggie burrito with guacamole and jalapeños, a side of pico. Oh, and a fish taco, and a slice of key lime pie.

The Author: pork burrito with guacamole, jalapeños and a side of pico

The Antony Special: spicy veggie burrito, jalepeños, guacamole, and black beans

The DJ Gio: seafood burrito (A.K.A shrimp burrito)

The Blogger:
two fish tacos please

The Entertainer:
fish burrito with guacamole

The Realtors:
six pork tacos with black beans, and a side of black beans

The Director:
spicy chicken burrito, no sour cream, and red habañero hot sauce

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